Who else wants a check for $28,525.00… $45,775.00… or more?

Stop Following Outdated Strategies, Model Those Who Are Actually Successful

And Yes… You Really Can…

“Make More In One Month…

Than Most People Make All Year”

Take The Fast Track To Success By Joining

The ONLY Real Estate Coaching Program

Completely Customized To YOU…

And YOUR Goals…

You’ve seen the proof…

You’ve heard from our students…

You know that our Accelerated Investor personal coaching program is the proven
to having a thriving real estate business of your own.

A business that consistently spoon feeds you fat checks, month after month…

So if you’re serious about being successful, then chances are… you’ve already filled out
your no-risk, no-obligation application form…

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And if you haven’t applied yet, well… here’s what you’re missing out on…

Here’s what you get if you’re accepted into our Accelerated Investor Platinum coaching

At the core of the program—what’s responsible for the life-changing results our students
consistently achieve is the…

Lifestyle Construction Blueprint

It’s a fully-customized strategic investment plan built completely around YOU…
and your goals…

We don’t try to squeeze you into some mold you may not fit.

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this program.

Your personal coach works hand-in-hand with you… and puts together a specific plan of
designed to take you…

From Where YOU Are,

To Exactly Where YOU Want To Be…

In The Shortest Time Possible!

Your experience… your income goals… your desired lifestyle… it’s all analyzed and
used to develop a specific course of action.

I’m not talking about dozens of confusing strategies…

I’m talking about paving a clear path to success. Simple, actionable steps.

“Do this and get results… period.”

We don’t just teach you strategies. We don’t just hand you tools.

Our coaches show you how to actually apply this knowledge in the most efficient way.

A way… that delivers massive results.

Whether you’re interested in quick cash… or want those BIG paydays…

We focus on the one thing that really matters…


You can have all the knowledge in the world, unless you’re effectively able to apply it,
you aren’t going to make any money.

So our coaches make sure you apply it.

They literally take the journey with you. They’re there for you every step of the way…

To guide you…

To hold you accountable…

To prevent you from making the mistakes they’ve made…

Allowing You To Reach Incredible Levels Of Success…

In A Fraction Of The Time!

Also… the plan is fully-customized to fit your unique style of learning.

Quite simply… we make sure you “get it.”

Sure, we tell you exactly what you need to do. But we also install in you the habits you
need to be successful for the rest of your life.

You literally become an expert real estate investor.

josh cantwell coaching application apply now button

So… what does the training actually look like?

How do we ensure you reach your goals?

Well, as a member of our Platinum Coaching Program, you get…

Unlimited One-On-One Calls With Your Personal Business Development Coach

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, your personal coach will be there to guide you
through the entire process.

Whenever there’s something you’re unsure about… simply hop on the line with your
coach, and they’ll walk you through it.

This ensures you’re constantly taking action… constantly taking the steps required to
bring you closer to your goals.

Plus… if you just need a question answered, no matter how big or small…

You also get…

Unlimited 24/7 e-mail support.

So no matter what time it is, simply hit send… and the solution will be soon on its way.

Also… if you’re looking for more feedback… if you want to tap into even more

With One Click Of A Button, You Can Access

Our Entire Accelerated Investor Mastermind Group…

You can discover the exact strategies your peers are using to crush it in the market.

Have a question? Post it in our private forum… and within minutes, answers start
flowing in from others who’ve already gotten over that hurdle.

Masterminds are one of the biggest secrets to success… and when you join our
coaching program, you become part of our family

Plus… every quarter… we hold Face-to-Face Mastermind Sessions…

This is your opportunity to network with other successful investors… and share
business models and marketing strategies with true “A-List” players.

Shake hands with the real movers and shakers of the industry… open doors… close

Also… two times per week… we have structured…

“Business Builder” Training Classes…

On these live training calls, our team of expert coaches dives deep into one of our 6
Revenue Pillars.

We focus on teaching you the cutting-edge strategies and techniques we use in our own
businesses to capitalize on current market conditions.

Everything from REO’s, rehabbing, short sales, lease options, wholesaling, owner
financing, building a massive buyer’s list, direct response marketing, sales negotiation
strategies, setting up referral systems, Internet marketing, raising capital, growing your
team, managing your money, hiring virtual assistants, creating passive income, building
multiple streams of income…

Each week, we share our most profitable tactics and strategies you can implement in
your own high-powered real estate profit machine.

In addition to the two Business Builder calls… once per week, we also host a…

LIVE Sales Training Q&A

This is a live rapid fire question and solution session with our expert coaches and
growing class of successful students.

They’re specifically designed to deliver the answers you seek in the shortest amount of
time possible.

And of course, if you can’t make it to any of the live calls… they’re recorded, so you can
listen to them any time… even in the car on your way to closing deals.

You also get access to our Accelerated Investor “Closed Door” Membership

This is a private member’s only training goldmine, where we teach you everything you
could ever possibly want to know about:

  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Sales Mastery and Negotiation Strategies
  • Wholesaling For Quick Cash
  • REOs andRehabbing for Big Profits
  • Lease Options and Owner Financing
  • Short Sales
  • Raising Capital To Fund Your Deals
  • Agent Marketing and Recruiting Staff
  • Interviewing and Selecting “A Players” To Bring Onto Your Team
  • Creative Financing
  • Multi-Family Acquisition and Cash Flow
  • How to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income
  • Affiliate Marketing

And more!

This training is constantly updated… and as a member, you get access to…

Every new update and upgrade… for an entire


You also get our powerful home study courses like…

  • “56 Wholesaling Secrets”
  • “Instant Cash Infusion”
  • “Rehabbing Profits”
  • “The Ultimate Short Sale System”
  • “Private Lending Confidential”
  • “Mega Media Marketing”
  • “Passive Income Powerhouse”

You get recordings of all our live event trainings… and can watch them as if you were
in the room.

You receive our monthly Accelerated Investor Premier newsletter, which is packed
solid with cutting-edge content from our team of experts.

You get access to the Latest Market Trends And Data you must know In order to
thrive as the real estate market rebounds aggressively.

This ensures you stay ahead of the curve and never miss out on any lucrative

We hand you mind maps and checklists of our Standard Operating Procedures
the exact processes we use to run our businesses.

You’re given Sales Scripts that convert prospects into contracts… and contracts into
cold hard cash.

These turn you into a Negotiation Ninja who always receives the best prices for your

You can instantly download our special reports, such as:

  • 8 FREE Ways To Find Your Next Fix And Flip(Sells For $79)
  • 9 Ways To Overcome Laziness And Procrastination(Sells For $79)
  • 5 Ways To Raise 1 Million Dollars In Capital In 60 Days Or Less (Sells For $79)
  • 43 Low Cost And No Cost Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Website(Sells For $79)
  • Passive Income Powerhouse: How To Increase Your Cash Flow And Lower Your Taxes Completely Hands Off(Sells For $79)
  • Short Sale Success Blueprint (Sells For $79)

You can listen in as our experts conduct Deal Analysis… where they go over past
deals and show you exactly what made them so profitable.

We help you build your very own “dream team” by giving you the exact ads we use to
attract the superstar staff members that work in our businesses.

Run these ads to attract the most qualified: marketers, sales professionals, real estate
agents and brokers, negotiators, operations managers, customer service staff,
copywriters, tax and accounting professionals, lawyers and legal professionals,
programmers, graphic designers, title companies, contractors, appraisers, insurance
agents, audio/ video managers, project managers, social media managers.

Plus… I personally invite you to attend…

“The LIVE Protégé’ Experience…”

These are live “in the field” workshops in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio,  where I
show you properties and real deals we’re currently working on.

Visit my office and see how my multi-million dollar operation smoothly runs.

See how powerful the systems we teach really are… see the real checks they allow us
to cash…

Then discover how to apply those systems and use them to close deals of your own.

And… speaking of closing deals… perhaps the most valuable asset of the entire
program is your ability to…

Partner With Us On Deals!

Have trouble raising capital? Your negotiation skills still a work in progress?

That’s fine…

Because as a V.I.P. coaching member, you’re eligible to partner with our expert team on
qualified deals.

Bring the deals to us… we’ll close them for you… and then split the profits.

This literally makes YOU part of our team.

How’s that for guaranteed success?

But there’s only one way ANY of this can happen…

There’s only one way to get into this life-changing program…

NOTHING happens for you… until you complete the short application form below.

Remember, it’s no risk… it’s no obligation… but it is the ONLY way to open these big
brass doors separating you from the life you’ve always wanted.

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Here Are Answers To Commonly Asked Questions…

“This all sounds amazing. But how do I know if this program is for me?”

Well… as you know, our coaching program is fully customized. It is specifically built
around you and your goals.

So whether you’re a complete newbie looking to cash their first check…or a seasoned
investor who wants to “model” my success and take things to the next level…

I have full confidence that this program is the fastest and easiest way to achieve
your goals.

As long as you’re willing to work hard and follow our lead, there is no limit on the
success you can achieve in this program.

You’re getting proven “in-the-trenches” training from real millionaire investors.

However, the SREC Accelerated Investor Coaching Program isn’t for everyone.

We don’t want to waste our time with “know it alls,” the lazy, the negative, or the close-

If you frequently find yourself saying the words “I can’t…” then please don’t waste our

“Speaking of time… how much time do I need to dedicate to this program to be

The answer really is… it’s up to you.

I recommend 10 hours per week.

Can you find that time… if it meant an extra $5000.00 to $30,000.00 per month?

But again… it’s all up to you.

Your custom strategy plan is built around the resources you have available.

You put in the time that you can afford and leverage your coach and our resources to fill
in the gaps.

When you’re ready you can make the leap to full-time investor (or if you love your job,
do this part time and still make a killing!)

“How much access do I get to my coach?”

This program is custom designed to fit your needs.

You get unlimited phone and email support from your personal business development

The program also includes weekly training sessions from me and my team of investor
coaches as well as access to the online members training area.

Whatever you need… whenever you need it… our team is there to provide you

“What if I don’t have any cash or credit? How do I fund my deals?”

You can close real estate transactions without any of your own credit or cash.

Eventually you will want to do the larger and larger deals that require some capital

You will get the coaching, documents, presentations and scripts and dialogues you’ll
need to raise millions of your own capital so you never lose a deal or have to pay for
expensive hard money.

And of course… you can also partner with us on deals!

“Will you help with negotiations?”

You bet.

We will walk you through the process and the strategy behind negotiating to
successfully buy and sell real estate.

Once you have it down you’ll have confidence to go into any circumstance and control
the situation.

“Okay Josh… I want in! What do I do?”

Fill out the application form below… and if you fit our criteria, we’ll be in touch shortly.

josh cantwell coaching application apply now button

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~Jim Shibly

~Mark Pepe

“Sheila,Wow! You guys are really the BEST, the GREATEST, YOU ROCK!!!!!. You are on the ball! This is the reason to do business with a reputable organization.”
~Al Ugo

"You aren't the only one! Greg Clement and Josh Cantwell AND you sir, Jeff Watson made what I'm doing today a reality. I believe you three are the true catalysts of real value education focused on content instead of hype. Today, that same focus has led to over 348 deals by my students. You guys should consider your selves grandpa's of success coaching. Though very young grandpas. Thanks to all of ya!"
~Matthew Elmer

“I knew of a triplex property that was across the street from my own former triplex property that appeared to stay vacant. I researched the owner and wrote him a letter to which he never responded so I drove to his home, knocked on the door and made friends to the point that he said that he'd entertain an offer. I offered $200,000 (it is worth $250,000 with no issue), he accepted and I put down $4,000 and he finances $196,000 at 6% for 30 years, due in 5 years. Property is in good to excellent condition for a 40 year old structure. First mortgage payment is due 90 days after closing. We are closing May 1st and I am preparing to hit the ground running. Best wishes.”
~Dave LaRose

“Josh, I just want to say thank you for having such a fabulous, professional and knowledgeable coach on your team. Justin Hill has been a tremendous help through my first investment property purchase. Your Program information along with the help Justin, enabled me to begin my journey of becoming a successful Real Estate Investor. I closed March 20, 2014. Thank you for such a great Program and Coach.”
~Mary Brooks

“I live about 80 miles south of you Josh. I've met you in person. I've been in your office. So, I know you are really doing this. No smoke!”
~Lyn Starcher

“Bought the property on Tewksbury for $199,300. Sold for $350,000.Put $14,315 into the property in repairs, taxes, insurance, iPads, TV’s, etc.Paid investors at 5.5% ($12,650) for the $230,000 borrowed Made $78,405 on the HUD plus the $16,000 left in my account that was not used for repairs for a TOTAL PROFIT of $94,409! “You tell me if Josh’s Coaching was worth it!”
~Kyle Garifo

“These guys really have their systems in place. When I left my meeting with Josh and John I knew exactly what to do. They gave me a very specific Step by Step action plan that virtually guarantees my success!"
Keith Allen, student Chicago Ill

“What Josh, John and these guys do best is that nothing is filtered. They are in the trenches. They are doing deals. There’s nothing that can replace that. It’s just a matter of doing what they say and following their system. Their best interest is watching out for my best interest. There is no comparison. There’s these guys and then everything else is just JUNK!!!!”
DK Kim, Attorney & Student Orlando Fla

“I must say I way a bit skeptical about your program, after signing up for so many others that omit critical pieces of information. But your course is the real deal, it covers so much, that I think I'm getting some information indigestion. However, I can live with that, and look forward to scoring some big successes with your coaching. I am also interested in buying through auctions, so any information you have on this would be very helpful.”
~Roy Leighvard

“Josh, our meeting was only 35 minutes long; but you gave more information than most do in 2 hours! Your being pumped up made us pumped up, too! Thanks for your giving spirit!”
~Danna Seale

“The other good news is that the hedge funds are beginning to sell off their house portfolios because they aren't getting the returns they were expecting from buying up house portfolios and then renting them out. There will be lots of opportunities for us real estate investors.”
~Mike Minnihan

“I am excited to report that I have my first deal under contract! The deal is kind of a 40K flips/Wholesale. Here is what happened. I listed the property For Sale by Owner at only $110,000. I patched some holes in the dry wall, had the house cleaned, had the carpet steam cleaned, and repaired the garage door. Altogether, I'm putting in about $600. I am going to make the difference of the amount paid by the guy at the auction ($69,000) to redeem the property and the list price ($110,000). That's about $40,000 in 1 week!How's that for a 40K Flip!? I am always amazed at how attentive you are to your students in the 40K flip program. You really care about their success. It shows. Thank you for all that you do."
~Scott Tatge

“Just wanted to say thanks for allowing students from your previous 40KFlips classes to join in on the next round of live classes. As if the abundance of information you provide in the classes and on the website isn't enough , now this ! To me , you are really going the extra mile to provide more than what I expected to receive when I signed up for the course.I have only been able to catch a couple of the live classes with the July group , so I have been following along with the recorded classes on the site. Your invite to allow us to join in on the next round gives me the opportunity to sit in on more of the live training.Thank You."
~Al Fort Myers , FL

“I did my homework last night and wound up with right at 300 names on my 100 list. Looking forward to Thursday night class. You do an awesome job.”
~Harvey Korbelik

“For what it’s worth, I’ve used Josh’s conversation starter line “I raise money for real estate deals…” with great success so far.”
~Jeff Dimock

“Hi everyone, Dan Taylor here, let me first say that I am also a new student of the 40k Flip system and I'm not affiliated with SREC or any of Josh's companies (so I am not speaking for them), but I have followed his teachings for a few years now and I have talked to his staff on numerous occasions and, speaking from my experience only, they have always been very knowledgeable, professional and upfront with any info they have provided”
~Dan Taylor

“Thanks for a great class! I look forward to becoming a pro!”
~Kathryn Pocock

“It’s great being part of Josh’s 40k flips program, I recently sold my last rehab/flip property where I make over $70,000.00 at Closing!”
~Geovanni James

“This whole experience so far has been amazing…thanks”
~Ralph Martinez

“ I just bought this 3 bed 2 bath 2000 sqft home in Florida build new in 2005 in a Sub of Tampa. for $13,600.00 on an online foreclose auction. I hold tittle in separate cell of my series LLC. I also had to pay a tax lien certificate for $2700.00. I will need to put 4k in rehab. I will have a total investment of 20k or less. After Repair Value is 240k it had a 260k mortgage in 2005. I did this with my own money. I will rent for 1600/month it is in exclusive gated community. I have done three properties just like this( similar Numbers) and rent them with good cash flow the name of the game. “
~Jon Flink

“Thanks for the great content so far. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's session!”
~Patty Vanadilok

“I did a one month start to finish with bid on HUD home, ..only vested roughly 5 hours of actual work on the home. The best part is I never physically laid eyes on the home! Buyer found using craigslist ad – This is a free service so I had $0 vested in marketing costs. Cash buyer on the deal …Net profits after all costs $14,700”
~Ron Baska Coaching Student

“I'm confident that the $40K Flip Training and Mastermind will finally give me what I need to actually execute!”
Tony Pizzuto / ZinVest Properties, LLC

“From what I have heard on the training so far I really appreciate your straightforward, business-like approach to setting this business up and turning it into a long term approach.I look forward to being a part of your entire training modules and getting rolling with your strategies.Keep up the great work and passion.”
~Steve Greig

“Ya... the real key was honing in on the funding from the sources that you teach. Now...since I virtually have unlimited funding so to speak, I am now flipping a hotel here locally. The change in focus also allows me to broaden my view on what to look for...and also refine my numbers skills.”
~Scott Benedict

“Anytime I’ve had a problem, I have contacted Sheila in Customer Service! She is the best customer service person I have EVER dealt with."
Kudos to you Sheila!!!Cherely Cousins

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the guide on how to find Private Money, and what to say. This is HUGE… really valuable information that I have been looking / needing for YEARS. If I had these years ago, I bet I could have found a private investor a LOT sooner. You guys are awesome! Appreciate the help more than you can imagine. I was also just about to send you an email asking if you could please go over the private lender presentation with us, so we can see what you say during the presentations. And then I went into Module 4 and saw you ALREADY INCLUDED IT!! Holy Crap, you really did think of everything, didn’t you! So Glad, I joined this course Huge, huge thanks.”
~Laura Teale

“You are great! Thank you so much for your promptness and follow up. It is truly appreciated!"
~Vivenli Go

“The More of this I read the more confident I am in the integrity of your organization, Josh. Thanks for your integrity. I hate liars, cheats and thieves too.”
Bruce Trietsch

“Wow I am sooooooooo impressed by your prompt reply, so good thanks you guys are really awesome!"
~Narain Mathur

“As a student of one of Josh's Coaching Programs. I strongly recommend getting involved!! My Coach is Justin Hill, and I would like to publicly brag on him for a minute! Not only has he been a Coach in The Real Estate Investing Business, he has been part time Counselor as well! He has been there for all my "stupid" questions and not once has he made me feel less than because of my lack of experience. Very patient and kind. I hope that none of you think that this easy money, get rich quick kind of stuff! It takes time and work, but I know that the payoffs are going to be worth it!! I'm sure that any of Josh's Coaches are as high quality as Justin. You cannot not go wrong! Think if it as a continuing education. Some of you may have spent thousands of dollars of a college degree, I know i did, where did that get you?”
~ Scott, 40k Flips Student

“I feel it a honor to have you as my coach. Without your help these past few months, I can honestly say that I would NOT be where I am now.”
~ Christina Clark, Home Investment Solutions, Inc, Newport News, VA.

“I’m going full speed ahead with your program, learning from the ground up. I see what’s happening now.”
~ Donald Candys, Ugetpaid Real Estate LLC

“This is great stuff folks, bookmark this page, walk over hot coals, swim the ocean, do whatever it takes to get all Josh has to offer! We’re using these strategies and they flat-out-work!!”
~ Nick Cifone

“SREC’s students produce the most profitable results; have access to the most intelligent information available on the subject of short sales, and the highest quality leaders and peers in the nation.”
~ Stephany McFadzean

“I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated SREC services. The professionalism. Attitudes, support, understanding, creativity, ingenuity, energy, and most of all… passion. I feel very fortunate to be in the Platinum Coaching. I’m a very big FAN of the best organization in real estate investing.”
~ Joe Heffley

“Before SREC I didn’t have a plan. I was just “trying” to find deals and “trying” to close them. Now each day I have a plan and a business model that helps me determine my activities. I have become more efficient and I am now making money consistently.”
~ Zach Kennedy

“With SREC there are no lies… all there is the truth. Out of all the products and coaching that’s out there, SREC is the best investment in my time and money.”
~ Roberto Olmos

“We closed our first deal!”
~ Preston Eisnaugle

“I must say I thought the event was quite frankly the best event I have attended in the 27 years since I bought my first investment property. Josh is certainly a credit to the industry and we need more men with his integrity and honesty. I felt his teaching style was direct and informative without all the pomp and circumstance.”
~ Thomas Errico

"I have taken other real estate courses from other guys who sent you books and tapes and they confuse me. Josh is the best trainer and the best coach; I feel that there is no one else in the U.S. who can compete with him!”
~ Mary Marambio

"OMG. I think I have finally heard the real deal. No hype, just straight facts. I have looked at all kinds of programs, and have spent some serious dollars, only to be overwhelmed with information, no one to ever answer a question, and too complicated for even a seasoned Realtor of 28 years to figure out. I am excited, I think I have now heard someone that really has a solid strategy and not a tease with information. With tons of research for the new year, this is by far the best option I have seen yet to really make some money. Thanks, and look forward to the rest of the information.”
~ Linda Hughes from Nashville, TN