Over 142 years of experience… 5,286 deals… $59,400,000.00 of profit…

Their growing group of successful students have no hesitation calling them…

“The Best Real Estate Coaches

In The World…”

And now… it’s your turn to meet this “dream team” of proven Millionaire Makers.

Up first is the founder…

Josh Cantwell

josh cantwell

Specialty = Business Development, Internet Marketing, Direct
Response Marketing, Short Sales, REOs, Rehabbing, Lease Options,
Brokerage, Raising Capital, Sales Training.

The head honcho of Strategic Real Estate Coach lives and breathes his art.

He’s a full-time investor who has bought, fixed, and flipped over 600 properties.

While his home base is Northeast Ohio, Josh regularly partners up with other investors and even students to close deals in 25 other states. So no matter you live, Josh is the man to show you how to find, structure, negotiate, and close real estate deals for big profit.

Josh owns and operates Sharp Concepts Realty, which is the fastest growing brokerage office in Ohio.

Focusing on four key revenue pillars (REOs, short sales, lease options, motivated BUYERS) Sharp Concepts is consistently able to outsell their much larger competition. Using his proprietary VIP Seller Home Liquidation Marketing And Sales Plan, Sharp Concepts’ homes sell 16 days faster… and at a 9% higher price than the average MLS listing in Ohio.

A strong believer in multiple income streams, Josh also owns and operates Yellow Jacket Properties, D.A.G. Properties, and J Cantwell Properties, allowing him to dominate his market.

Josh is also the owner of Millennium Capital Investments, a private capital firm known for bringing its investors and partners double digit returns.

No matter which area of real estate you intend on focusing on, there’s no doubt… Josh can teach you a thing or two… or fifty.

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But Josh never goes it alone.

So meet his starting lineup of expert coaches…

Brian Stark

Specialty = Investing, Funding, Business Development, Commercial

Brian D. Stark is a Principal of Strategic Freedom Funding, real estate finance – nationwide.

Mr. Stark was born in Cleveland, grew up in Shaker Heights, attended University School and graduated from Shaker Heights High School… attended Cleveland State University briefly before beginning his first business venture, a service business for the legal community. Mr. Stark then began a series of other ventures, culminating in the founding of a successful retail and wholesale floral company; 771-ROSE! World Florist. Mr. Stark and his wife ran 771-ROSE! for many years in Downtown Cleveland, eventually selling the company to the Heinen’s grocery store chain.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Stark, along with other members of the Stark Family founded The Stark Group, investing in real estate properties in Cleveland; buying, selling, rehabbing, renting and managing. They then began, in rapid succession, a property management company, a construction / maintenance / repair company and a private real estate lending company. He and his team have completed hundreds of real estate transactions, including over 1,400 private loans, and hundreds of other transactions including buying, selling, renting, managing and rehabbing houses and small multi unit buildings.

Mr. Stark served as a Principal in a New York area private equity fund focused on the purchase and workout of defaulted residential mortgage notes, and as a Director of the Berkley Asset Fund, a private equity fund focused on opportunistic investment in New York area commercial property.

Then in 2014 Mr. Stark and Josh Cantwell formed Strategic Freedom Funding (SFF). Strategic Freedom Funding is a private, direct real estate lender, making loans to real estate investors, on houses and small commercial properties. Mr. Stark and his team attract private capital investors, who invest their funds in Strategic Freedom Funding’s privately underwritten and originated mortgage products, earning double digit returns, and providing liquidity to the real estate investor community. SFF also acts as a broker, arranging all types of commercial real estate finance, on all commercial property types, nationwide.

Brian and his Brother Paul Stark host a weekly radio show; The Stark Group LIVE! Talking Real Estate, Thursdays from 7-8 pm, on 1300 am, WERE, now in its 10th year.

Brian and Paul Stark are founders of the Friends of The Cleveland Mounted Police, and are involved in other community activities.

Brian Stark was the founding Vice President of the Real Estate Investors Association of Cleveland,
and is a member of the Board of Trustees of The Cleveland Restoration Society. He is an active tennis player and an accomplished amateur chef.

Brian lives in Cleveland Heights, OH.

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Chris Seder

Kyle Garifo

Specialty = $40k Flips, Short Sales, Commercial, Sales Training.

Kyle Garifo is a native of the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL in 1998 as well as participating in collegiate football and baseball. After graduation, he went on and earned his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The Illinois School of Professional Psychology where he then achieved the title of Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor after two years of supervised clinical work. He practiced individual, group, and family therapy full time until 2007 when he decided spending time with his young children was a top priority. So, he quit on a Thursday and closed on his first REO project the following Monday, rehabbing a project that ultimately took him seven months to buy and sell!

As a full time real estate investor since 2007, Kyle has created multiple companies including Sky Equity, LLC, a lending company for rehabbers in the Chicago area, Forty One Properties, LLC and Pin High Properties, LLC which are companies used to hold his portfolio of rental properties. AZ Home Solutions, LLC was also created to conduct a myriad of real estate transactions including back to back short sale closings, note buying, lease options, lead generation, and now, predominantly property rehabilitation. Kyle finds that his extensive experience listening and helping people as a clinical therapist reminds him what real estate is all about; creating winning situations for all parties to benefit from.

In the last six years, Kyle has been involved with over 250 real estate transactions. Kyle lives in Algonquin, IL with his wife and three kids.

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Chris Seder

Specialty = Vacant House Flip Guru, Short Sales, Commercial, Sales Training.

Christopher Seder is a real estate investor who has grown up around the business his entire life. He is born and raised in rural Montana where he graduated from college with a Business Management degree from Montana State University-Billings. After graduating college in 2009 Christopher quickly realized that the job market was depressed and knew he was destined for something else. Christopher began working for his father’s real estate investing company where he worked as a handy man working on his father’s vast rental portfolio.

In late 2009 Christopher started his own real estate investing company Big Sky Property Solutions and has grown the company into Billings MT’s # 1 real estate investing company. Christopher Seder has a lot of experience in finding, structuring, and negotiating all types of real estate deals. In 2012 Christopher switched up his business and started focusing most of his effort on Finding and flipping VACANT houses. He has become one of the foremost experts on finding vacant houses and flipping them for profit.

Christopher Currently lives in Billings MT with his wife and their 2 dogs and continues to flip houses each and every month.

John Cochran

John Cochran

Specialty = The Creation And Development Of Systems, Wholesaling, Brokerages.

John is a “systems specialist” who has flipped over 150 real estate deals in his 11-year career.

He started out rehabbing properties, but after buying a HUD house for $18.47, he became hooked on the idea of wholesaling homes for huge profits.

After tweaking his HUD Buying System to where it ran on almost complete autopilot, he developed a new program called Wholesaling Mastery, which details all the tips and tricks he uses daily to wholesale over eight properties a month.

John is the founder of one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the country, HomeBackers Realty… which is especially impressive when you consider… they ONLY work with buyers.

John’s Buyers on Fire system allowed him to build a very responsive buyers list in his own local market of Dayton, Ohio… with 18,000+ retail, cash, rent to own and Investor buyers.

He will tell you, “When you have all the buyers in your area, you pretty much own the market and write your own paycheck.”

Between his personal investments and his brokerage, John is involved in over 30 transactions a month… which is more than most investors handle in an entire year!

John is currently in the process of developing Agentsoft, breakthrough software he believes will completely change the way real estate is sold within the next few years.

In short… with John in your corner, you’re guaranteed to stay on the cutting-edge.

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Scott Miller

Specialty = Brokerage, Lead Generation (Both Online and Offline), Short Sales, Sales Mastery, Recruiting and Training.

Even though our coaches dominate Ohio, don’t worry… we have the West Coast covered, too.

Scott Miller owns the fastest growing real estate brokerage in western Washington State. Focusing on providing superior value, service, accountability, they’ve achieved rapid growth. Miller Laine Properties closed 319 transactions in 2011.

Scott is a former VP of Sales for a medical products company… which makes sense, since he operates with surgical precision.

In 2004 he started his own real estate and mortgage brokerage. He convinced his business partner, Ed, to merge his mortgage brokerage into the company and become the designated broker.

Scott knew that in order to survive and thrive in today’s market, they needed to focus on creating multiple streams of income..

Scott understands the important of creating leverage and uses it to secure the “point of attack” for the best investment deals on the market. He’s also a firm believer in surrounding yourself with the best of the best, which makes him an ideal fit for our coaching team.

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Millen Atwood

Specialty = Mentoring, Residential, Commercial, Mediation

Millen Atwood got an early jump on his real estate career. He was introduced to the business in high school, while helping an investor make repairs and updates to his income properties. This was the beginning of his infatuation with real estate.

He started his own investment career in 1988 after getting married, by acquiring two rehabs and a rental… and has been hooked ever since.

Millen had the unique opportunity and privilege to be mentored by an expert in the development of raw land, sales and existing residential properties. This taught him creative ways to acquire assets in real property.

Millen focuses on a service-based problem-solving approach. He realized, the better he’s able to resolving the problems sellers and buyers face, the more success he has. He is conversant with real estate terms in English and Spanish.

In 1996 he made his first investment out of the USA.

Millen is a consultant to a real estate development company and advises on a large $11 million development project. His creative outside the box thinking has led to new approaches in sales and expansion.

His experience in acquiring, evaluating and holding residential and commercial properties gives him the ability to project profits or losses, tax benefits and appreciation. This allows him to accurately identify whether or not a deal is going to be profitable.

Millen has served as a coach and mentor for the past eight years. He loves seeing his students become successful… and does whatever he can to help them reach their goals.

He is a Certified State Mediator and has used his skills as a mediator to bring about resolutions to conflicts arising in tenant/landlord relations, real estate purchase contracts and rental contracts. His goal is always to help create a win/win resolution for both parties.

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Leslee Gurney

Specialty = Mentor in Residential & Commercial; Buy/Fix/Sell, Rental, Internet and Direct Marketing, Creative Financing.

Leslee was introduced to investing at the age of 18, by a friend who was a contractor. She drove around finding vacant or FSBO distressed properties, purchased below FMV, did the necessary repairs to make them marketable and sold them FSBO. “We did not have all the online tools and resources we have today that can help us find properties, do our due diligence, market properties etc.” In the early 80’s Leslee started doing Creative Financing, buying her first property. She negotiated other properties known as Sandwich Lease Options today. Back in those days you never heard of a “Rehab, Flipping or Lease Option” etc. She had her first professional RE weekly Coaching calls back in the early ‘90’s and realized the value of having a Mentor, learning more strategies and terminology. She realized the importance of coaching to eliminate as much trial and error as possible. She’s continued to train and learn technics over the years to make strategies easier and that are best for different and ever changing markets. She’s had long term Renters for as long as 4 years and one for 7 1/2 years. Also, she has a Mortgage Loan Officer background.

She has taught educational programs such as Real Estate and Tax Liens and Deeds for over 12 years. Over the years Leslee’s mentored approximately 1,300 or more students and has done or assisted with approximately 350+ transactions all over the US, even in the strongest sellers markets. Teaching became her passion.

Leslee is very happy to be working with Josh Cantwell and his impressive team of experts. “Josh’s material and training is very detailed and comprehensive for someone first starting to invest, to a seasoned veteran”. He incorporates investing entities so students can utilize to become successful.

Currently, Leslee is an empty nester with 2 beautiful daughters, ages 21 and 24. Between Real Estate Investing and Coaching it gave her the life style she wanted and the flexibility to be a good, hands on Mother. “It is so gratifying making money doing what you love”. Also “It is very rewarding seeing the difference coaching has made in student’s lives, not only with profit margins”. Leslee genuinely cares about her students’ success and loves to hear about each and every Success Story when they implement what they learn.


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Mark Cantwell

Specialty = Builder, Rehabs, Aquisition, Negotiation, Distressed Real Estate Markets.

Mark is a graduate of the University of Akron with a bachelor’s of arts degree. While pursuing his undergraduate degree Mark got married to his wonderful wife Michelle. He was always involved in construction and art projects at school and during summer breaks. He became a teacher for two years and was working for Josh in the summers doing real estate projects. In the fall of 2005 Mark decided to quit his teaching job and become a full time real estate investor. From 2005 until 2009 he was involved in short sales and flipping between 1-3 homes a month, in 2008 / 2009 mark decided to buy properties with private money, improving and then selling them.

From, 2009 – 2011 Mark worked on buying and selling foreclosure properties. Then in 2011, Mark and Josh decided to create a formal business relationship where Josh took care of marketing, raising capital and systems and Mark would handle all the construction and purchasing of homes. Mark now has over 40 rehabs under his belt and currently he and Josh carry 12-15 single family, 40k flips, and renovation projects at any one time.

Mark focuses all of his time on standard operating procedures, scheduling, budgeting, finding homes, and interviewing, and hiring contractors. Mark limits his swinging of hammers, laying floors, roofing etc. and now focuses on being the foreman and general manager. His expertise is teaching student on how to find properties, budget repairs, accurately make offers based on repairs needed, find houses from VA, HUD, Fannie Mae, and many other avenues.

Mark now enjoys a fairly free lifestyle with his wife and their daughter where they reside in Northeast Ohio.

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